Saturday, November 13, 2010

We are only able to see as much as we need to see in order to survive. We need to find food, protect ourselves from enemies and find a partner. Our eyes have not evolved to sense infrared light simply because we don’t need this ability to get by. This is the biological point of view.

Our eyes can sense red, green and blue. Birds and insects are able to sense also ultraviolet light. Radio waves, X-rays and infrared light are invisible to all of us.

So, what we can see is only a small fraction of the whole spectrum.

Similarly, we can only understand what we need to understand in order to survive. We need to find food, protect ourselves from enemies, find a partner and have some fun. Our brains have not evolved to understand much more than this.

However, some people are not satisfied with what they have and what they can understand. They want to know it all. They want to see it all. They want to understand what they are not able to understand. Are there many more universes out there? Are there angels out there who protect us? What is God like? Is he a he, really? Maybe he is a she. Is the brain a prism that filters the universal consciousness or is the brain like a radio receiver? This is the spiritual perspective.

Most people are not interested in understanding things. They are like old people with bad hearing who only hear what they want to hear. They try to turn off as much as they can of the world. They put blinders on, and head sets. They live in very, very small worlds, like cage birds. This is the mainstream point of view.

I have arrived at this: Scientific speculations or spiritual speculations are the same to me. It’s fun with wild speculations. I love to read about cutting edge science, spiritual exploration and philosophy, but it is not that important. It is a pastime.

It’s so much more important with what I can understand, what I can see with my own two eyes, how I live my life and how we ought to live here on earth.

Is it really necessary with war and competition? As far as I can see, it is not. The idea that war and competition is important is an idea propagated by those who like war and competition. They believe that without war and competition there wouldn’t be any evolution. This is a justification, a thought, a mental construct.

We are not baboons. We are not chimpanzees. We are not living in caves anymore. We are not peasants filled with superstition. We are not living in the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries any longer. We are living here and now, in this time period, after the Second World War, after the Vietnam War, after the discoveries made by the quantum physicists.

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