Sunday, September 12, 2010

What you see is not what you get.
What you see is just one aspect of me
in this particular situation
filtered through your colored glasses
through your preconceived ideas
your mood
your state of mind
your religion
and ideology
or your resistance against religion
and ideology
or whatever
your world view
your conditioning.

Who am I
Who is the real me?
Who is the real you?
Is there a real me and you
and a false me and you?
What do you say?
You can be completely different
together with someone else
can't you
not shy at all
or tense
or irritated?
You can be so sweet and soft
and happy
Is this the real you?
The dark sides
are they not really yours?

Who are we
We have played so many roles in life
haven’t we?
The Princess, The Prince
The Old Witch
The Stupid Fool
The Loyal Knight
you name it.

We have been tiny little fetuses
like naked young mice
new born babies
stupid brats
winners, losers
under pressure for years
and someone under pressure
often act strange.
He or she is not himself or herself
What do you think?

now we're here.
Who are we?
Or should I ask
what are we
a river of situations
a dance
a theater ensemble?

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