Monday, February 22, 2010

One is crazier than the other

Some believe they are saved,
some believe they are awakened
and some believe they are doomed.
All people are convinced they are right.
Communism is the solution
or Islam or liberalism or mindfulness meditation…
No one suspects that they might have got it all wrong.

We are such idiots, all of us.

We will all die, that’s for sure.
We don’t have that many years left.
We will die from cancer or in car accidents.
We will drown or die from food poisoning.

Why bother if people join destructive religious or political cults
or if they drink themselves to oblivion?
Why bother if people are greedy hypocrites
and serve both God and money?
Why bother about anything?
Soon we’re all dead and gone, anyway, aren’t we?

Will thoughts like these make you happy?
If not, what good will they do?
What end will they serve?
Aren't mumbo jumbo and fairy tails
a better way of looking at things
as long as they make us happier or bring some comfort?
Who cares if they're wrong?
We'll soon be gone, all of us, anyway,
won’t we?


Doreen said...

And which one are You?

Doreen said...

Point is, it isn't the thoughts that make us happy. Happiness is not the aim. Only Awareness of what is, in this moment, straight in front of You.

Your state of Being depends on how Your thoughts can cloud the experience of looking out the window