Saturday, February 27, 2010

Non confessional

It's a mystery to me why so many people of today still hold on to
all the ancient superstition they teach in the churches, temples,
synagogues and mosks.
After thousands of years of terror, inquisition trials, witch hunts,
religious wars, racism, oppression of women, children
and low cast people,
how dare the religious leaders speak about ethics, morals and love?
How dare they? Are they out of their minds?
How come they are not ashamed?
And why do people still listen to them?

Well, organized religion has lost most of it’s power in Europe.
All kinds of private superstition have replaced the old dogmas.
However, to me it makes no difference if it’s a priest,
a New Age Guru or my own head
that is creating the beliefs.
All beliefs are made of the same stuff, imagination.

I don’t believe in reincarnation.
I don’t believe in a heaven or a hell where we end up after death.
I don’t believe that a benevolent God has created the universe
with a purpose.
I don’t believe in career planning.

Not even the scientists are of much help.
They have always been sellouts.
And they seem to, exactly like the rest of us
mainly base their world views and interpretations on speculation.
Very little of what they have to say about the world
is based on scientific proof.
All scientific truths seem to be replaced with new truths
some ten or twenty years later.
How can this be?
Were the old truths not really truths?

And I don’t like the political parties.
I don’t want to vote anymore.
I’ve had enough of politics.
To my mind all politicians are the same.
They're all identical, with identical hairdos and identical wives.
They’re all chanting the same empty phrases
and they all dress up in the same limousines.
Some wear a red tie, though, and some wear a blue.

So, what do I believe?
Where is my heart?
This is my last post here on this blog.
I’ll give up bloging in English now.
I feel it’s time to move on.
I’ve been going on and on for years now about what I dislike.
But before I leave, I should try to explain
at least something about what is important to me.

I think it's very important to wake up.

I think it is important to give up alcohol, pot and tobacco.
Alcohol, drugs and nicotine
will make it impossible to stay awake.
This is because the psychological suffering,
the inner fuel for awakening, will be destroyed.
The inner fire will be put out.
(I doubt that Nisargadatta Maharaj really was fully awakened.)

All the religious, philosophical and political ideas
are just ideas, imaginations, fantasies
and they serve exactly the same purpose as the drugs,
they sedate us, they seduce us, they put us to sleep
like opium
or make us crazy, like amphetamine.

It is much more pleasant
to have a nice and warm belief system to hold on to
than being awake and aware of what is going on in the world.
A warm belief system makes life easier.
White lies are better than the truth.
However, I still prefer the truth.
Are you walking out on me?
Are you in love with someone else?

It is normal to question other peoples beliefs, ideas and opinions
but if we forget to question our own thinking
then we will easily be lost in delusion.
Debate with yourself, argue with yourself.
Is it really true that life has no meaning?
Where did you get that information from?
Is it really true that you are an idiot?
Is it really true that life is about competition and being the best.
It's important to realize that all thoughts in the head
are just thoughts, not the truth of the matter
but either you make use of them
or someone else will.

It’s also very important to avoid being an complete ashole.
It's important to care about children
and to feed the birds in the winter.
Asholes are never spiritually awake.
And if they wake up they are no longer a complete asholes.

Perfectionism is unnatural.
To search for perfection leads to neurosis and disease.
We all make mistakes. We all slip and slide.
It is very important to realize this, I think.
Mistakes is the language of life.

It is also important to take a clear stance against injustice
exploitation, racism and hyper egoism.
You will never wake up as long as you desire to get rich
or if you want to keep your riches, if you are rich.
Awakening is not for the successful folks.

I have experienced many incredible synchronicities
or meaningful coincidences in my life.
This has proved to me that there are a lot of important things going on
which I'm not aware of.

Life is hard. That's for sure.
Life can be incredible hard to some people.
I have no idea why this is so.
There must be some kind of reason for this.

What I can see, and feel and know
is just a tiny, tiny little speck of it all.
Maybe there is a meaning or a reason for everything
which is not possible to put into words.
Maybe there is a meaning or a reason or whatever
that we will never get to know about.
We don’t expect chimpanzees to understand much
why would we?
We are, after all, just a little bit more
evolved ape.

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