Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is consciousness?

The word consciousness is used in many different ways.
One definition is, "the part of us which is not unconscious",
the part of us which wakes up in the morning
like if the light is switched on.

Animals have consciousness but no language.
They don't have a word for consciousness.
They don't have any words for anything.

Can consciousness exist without a body and a brain?
What is it made of?
Electro chemical reactions?
Is it made of spirit?
What is it good for? Why did it evolve?
Did it evolve?
Was it created trough a Darwinian evolutionary process,
like the eyes and the ears
or did it exist before life here on earth?
Is it a side effect?

Anesthetics can make you unconscious in a second.
Another chemical can wake you up again.

I believe that my consciousness will disappear forever when I die.
It seems logical to me. I mean, I disappear every night.
Spiritual people say that I am not awakened yet.
Our beliefs separate us, like left-wingers and right-wingers
are separated by opinions.

Consciousness is a very mysterious flame, as I see it.
Isn’t it amazing to be alive and conscious?
What difference does it make to your life
if it is a material or a spiritual process
which brings the consciousness about?

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Doreen said...

Trees have consciousness.
Life is consciousness.
Everything is in consciousness.
"Unconsciousness" is not the opposite of consciousness. Unconsciousness is being unaware of consciousness.
Life has no opposite; it is the formless dimension or consciousness. Birth/death (the forms come and go in the formless dimension. Or the Now.
Now=True Self=Life+consciousness.
In this way, "consciousness" is used spiritually speaking, not physically.