Saturday, January 30, 2010


If we, human beings, for some improbable reason should evolve to a higher level of consciousness, if we were able to abandon the idiotic level where we are now, maybe we would be able to save ourselves from war, hatred and the final environmental world catastrophe.

I believe that the very first step is to abandon the fairy tales. It is wonderful to tell fairy tales to children. Small children love fairy tales. However, things change, as they grow older.

At some point in their life, children realize that there is no Santa Claus and no trolls in the woods, and no real Peter Pan. This is not how reality works.

We have to abandon many kinds of misperceptions, as we grow older. We have to abandon tons of personal, political and spiritual nonsense. Of course, we can hold on to our misperceptions if we want to, but I believe that a higher level of consciousness can never be experienced as long as we refuse to take off our bullshit glasses.

Hitler hypnotized millions of Germans, Mussolini hypnotized millions of Italians and millions of people were hypnotized by the communist ideology. Today billions of people are hypnotized by the neo-liberalism philosophy. Nothing really counts but dollars. We are also hypnotized by all sorts of religious beliefs, Christian fundamentalism, Muslim fundamentalism, Hindu fundamentalism…

Sai Baba has hypnotized thousands of people and the Pope has hypnotized hundreds of millions.

We are hypnotized by our beliefs about ourselves, about the world, about everything.

To wake up is to wake up from the hypnosis.

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Doreen said...

When You See the evolution occuring within You, it is no longer an improbability.