Monday, January 25, 2010

Free will

Human beings are pack animals by nature, like dogs, wolfs and chimpanzees. We are biologically constructed and historically conditioned to live in groups. Every pack has a leader who dominates and leads the other members. All the other members of the pack form a hierarchy where everyone has a place. Whenever we form a group, this pattern is repeated and it creates endless problems to us modern human beings.

We will go to war and do the most terrible things, we will work like donkeys for endless hours, all our life, we will do anything our leaders tell us to do. We will believe whatever they tell us to believe. It is all very sad.

And if we don't have a pack to belong to, we feel lonely, miserable and expelled. Therefore, when we find a pack, we will do whatever it takes to fit in.

We desperately need someone who can tell us how to think, how to believe, what to say, which clothes to wear. We will follow our leaders even if they lead us to hell. We need someone who can point out the way for us.

Religions, religious cults, motorcycle gangs, political movements, work places, gurus and their followers, sports teams, hippie communities, school classes, any group of people, will organize themselves according to the pack principles. We are created this way.

However, Human beings are not only driven by biological urges and social conditionings. There are more variables to the equation. For example, we do not have to use the automatic mode constantly. To be aware and present in the now is to step out from automatic biological and psychological patterns.

It is possible to pay more attention to what is going on, within us and around us. It is very difficult to be present when we are interacting with other people, but it is possible, I think, to bring in glimpses of attention, awareness and presence. It is possible to switch to manual mode, at least for short moments.

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Doreen said...

It is not based on "want" or desire to change.

It is based on evolution. And Consciousness Itself. The formless dimension. A person cannot by will choose to become aware of Awareness. Cannot choose to awaken to Life. Everyone is already In It... they are just not "aware" of it.