Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Ego is the Latin word for I.
"Ego sum rex Romanus" means “I am the king of Rome.”

I am hungry. I am 55 years old. I am born here. This is an uncomplicated way of using the word I.

I am a stupid old fool. I am too fat. I have a big ugly nose. This is not a very smart but still a comprehensible way of using the I-word.

He has a big ego. My ego reacted. This way of using the word ego is weird I think, though it is common in every day language. It sounds like the word I denote something, a part of a person, like an organ, like a kidney or an eye or a big nose or something.

He is very egoistic. I got very upset and angry when she called me a stupid old fool. I had a wonderful thought today. I have crazy thoughts popping in to my head. This way of using the word ego or I makes more sense to me.

I have an ego. I have an I. When did this strange way of talking begin? Did it begin with Freud?


Doreen said...

All words are pointers, only. All words. Ego is a word that points at the mind-made illusion of being separate from Consciousness or "God" or the formless dimension.

Consciousness needs no words to Be. And You Are That.

Doreen said...

In Reality or In Truth. There is no "separation" between You and Consciousness. Only the mind will tell You that You are a separate entity-- which is illusion. Yes, You inhabit, temporarily a body, a form... that is impermanent... the body is not who You Are.

Doreen said...

This person, cannot write about this, without realizing It (Consciousness) at the same time.
Therefore a person who believes his or her mind, is not seeing the truth. The Truth of Life (another word/pointer for Consciousness)