Saturday, October 10, 2009

Human beings have for thousands of years been possessed by all sorts of mad ideas. Millions and millions of people have sacrificed their lives as well as other people's lives because of thoughts that today are recognized as nothing but madness. Thousands and thousands of crazy religions, ideas and ideologies have made life in to a hell here on earth. (The Aztec's human sacrifices to their hungry fantasy Gods, the inquisition trials, the witch hunts, Nazism, imperialism, slavery, nationalism, the Gulag, the Killing Fields, egoism, religious fundamentalism…Do we need more proof?)

Today it is possible for regular people to step out of all that insanity. We have reached a point in our evolution, which makes it possible for us to see that all mind constructs are nothing but mind constructs. All religions, ideologies, ideas, and speculations can now be taken for what they are, castles in the air. All gurus, preachers, teachers, leaders, professors, popes and mullahs must be questioned, all, including Eckhart. Grown men and women of today should also question their own beliefs. Where is all the bullshit comming from? This is the first step in the awakening process. If you are not able to see this, you are not ready for waking up yet. You still need something to hold to. You still need a leader of the pack to show you the way, someone who can tell you how to think and tell you what to do.

Cage birds don’t suffer. They are all set. That is why suffering is so important.

It is painful to realize that one has been deluded. It is painful to wake up. You don’t wake up by reading books or practicing meditation. You have to suffer to wake up. Suffering doesn’t automatically bring awakening, but without suffering, no awakening is possible. Before you can find peace within yourself you have to get old, and you have to have suffered a lot.

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