Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Self deception

Some people have a bad breath but they are not aware of it. Some people are not aware of their extreme selfishness. They think they are good because they go to church on Sundays and sometimes spend money on charity. Stupid people think they are smart. Some people feel, deep in their hearts, that they are miserable losers, when in reality they belong to the fortunate winners.

How can you get to know if you are stupid or selfish? How can you get to know if you have a bad breath? What if you have fooled yourself.

What if you are fooled. Maybe he will not pay you back next week. Maybe he’s right now on his way to Buenos Aires.

How can I get to know if I am fooling myself? I have made a fool of myself many times, what if I am a stupid fool right here and right now? Is there really no way that I can get to know?

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