Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A human being has two brain halves. Both are useful. Too intense use of one side only, during too many years, creates a dangerous imbalance.

We have an experiencing self and a thinking self. We have two legs for a reason; it makes it easier for us to walk. We have two eyes so we can see in 3D and two ears, but only one mouth. This is because, as they say in India, we should listen twice as much as we talk.

Too much focus on the material aspects of the world, the world of form, is not healthy, I think. Many people still believe that nothing but the material aspects of the world is real. However, too much focus on spirituality is not healthy either. I have met many people going nuts because of too much meditation, "spirituality" and religion.

But, how can you find out if you are focusing too hard at only one side of yourself and the world? How can you get to know if you are a space cadet or if you are awakened? How can you get to know if you are a brainwashed social climber or if you are efficient and successful? Well, you can’t, I guess. Alcoholics seldom have problems with alcohol. It is their families that suffer. A stressed out and fanatic social climber don’t see any problems with all his overtime. It is his children who suffer the consequences.

Nevertheless, many alcoholics do recover, many social climbers wake up from their spell, many space cadets land safely here on earth again and many depressed people suddenly begin to see the stars again.

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