Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Take it like a man

OK, should we take life seriously or should we take it like a joke? Well, some things in life we have to take seriously, I guess, and other things we have to take as a joke.


Doreen said...

once you determine how they are to be taken they are gone; the serious moments or the joking moments

Marite said...

Life has many, different aspects.
Some, will have to be taken serious whilst living in 3D.

Not to be taken serious: century-old traditions.
They are a hindrance to free Spirits.

Doreen said...

In the field of Now one is aligned with True action, inherent intention, observance, kindness, Love, understanding, compassion; Its a Unified Field. No thought about whether it is serious or a joke, these are just labels that are not("will not be") necessary.