Friday, June 5, 2009

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I will not vote in the election to the European Parliament. I didn’t vote for my favorite song in the Eurovision Song Contest either. Well, the majority is not voting in the election to the parliament. And if they vote they will vote for the right-wingers or the extreme right. If they vote for the social democrats they mostly don’t know that it wont make any difference to their life. The right wingers and the social democrats endorse the same bills.

So, drop the politics. Don't vote. They are all crazy, all those jerks dressed up in limousines, but so are you. Wake up to a new world without politics, religions and ideologies. Drop all the crazy ideas you have about the world and yourself. Don‘t trust anybody, not even yourself. It is enough to be alive. It is a miracle to be alive. All the rest is misinterpretations.

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