Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Words are not just words. Words are magic spells that hypnotize you. They can turn you into a right-winger or a left-winger, they can turn you into a Protestant or a Muslim, they can turn you into a miserable loser or a high cast Hindu. Words can turn you into almost anything. They can change the world around you; they can make you believe that you are absolutely right about things that are all wrong, they can take you in completely and ruin your life. Seriously, what are you without your story about yourself and what the world is like?

Words are useful, though, when you say things like, “The hammer is on the kitchen table.” or “ She will be back tomorrow.” However, it is difficult to put into words what potatoes taste like, or explain how to swim. It is like discussing colors with someone who is blind since birth. “What does it feel like to be happy? Explain it to me in simple words, please. I don’t know what you talk about. I have never experienced this what you call happiness.“ To explain with words what you mean with awakening or non-self is impossible. Sometimes it is better to keep the mouth shut.

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