Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Many Christians think that they are Christians but in reality, they are not. They don’t put into practice any of the teachings in the New Testament. They don’t turn the other cheek, they don’t love their neighbor, they don’t forgive, they lay up for themselves treasures on earth and they sound trumpets when they give alms.

Many relativists are not relativists and many scientists are not very scientific when it comes to love and jealousy. They can also make mountains out of molehills.

Many people who think of themselves as spiritual are not spiritual at all. They can be very materialistic when they are about to lose or make money. Many liberals are not liberal, many people with high moral values steal.

Some people believe that they are absolutely useless but in reality,they are not. Some people think that they are fantastic but in reality they are complete jerks.

Some people ought to be ashamed but they are proud of themselves and others ought to be proud but feel ashamed.

Why is it so difficult to see things clearly? Is it something wrong with the computer or is it something wrong with the user of it? Do we really use our brain like we use our computers or is this an illusion? Isn't the I who make use of the computers or the brain a product of the brain?

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Doreen said...

Isn't the last statement just a thought about it? You can embrace your brain as a magnificent wonder of the universe, too, and still let the ego die that rules it. (Well, the ego dies on its own, you just begin to realize it as its death rattle ensues) Like a computer virus. Computers function just fine and can be wonderful, too, unless infected. But then the "infection" becomes something else... something that "Is" and the Magnificent Brain will look at it as a Play... perhaps, a vacation from the keyboard... the adventure continually unfolds.