Friday, May 22, 2009

A journalist with a right wing bent will write his articles from a right-wing point of view; and a left-wing journalist will write from a left-wing point of view. A professor of History with right-wing ideals will look at the world through right-wing glasses. Journalists and historians are not objective, though they can be deeply convinced that they are. Nothing is strange with this. This is how we function.

In the same way, an artist will crate from a certain perspective. In old Chinese painting, the artist practiced and practiced until he could copy the old masterpieces perfectly. In modern art, the artists have ideas that they should create something original or provoking.

We all have certain ideas about how things should be, what is beautiful and what is ugly, what is right and what is wrong, how things should be done and how life should be lived. It is almost impossible to create anything without a filtering through unconscious conditionings.

However, some times it happens that people discover that they have a secret agenda, an unconscious agenda, that they look at the world through a conditioned filter. The professor of History might say to himself at some point in his life, “It wasn’t the truth I was looking for. I left out certain things and enhanced the importance of others. I sold my soul. My career was more important to me than the truth.” He now has a choice. Either he tries to forget about this realization and continue his walk along the same old path, or he tries to investigate this, to him, new dimension of the human psyche.

Anyway, my point here is that there are other dimensions to the human psyche. We are something more than biologically and socially conditioned robots. It is possible to experience this. This is to come out from the forest. Some part of us can see that we have been fooling ourselves.

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