Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When the physicists look deeply into matter they get confused, they find that it consists of more than 99,9 % empty space, empty space between the electrons and the nucleus of the atom, empty space between the atoms and empty space between the molecules. And when they look further into what an electron or the nucleus of an atom really is, they get even more confused. Likewise, if you look deeply into yourself, who you really are, you will also get confused. Who am I? What is the sense of I, really, the observer of it all? What does it consist of? Chemical reactions? You will not get enlightened if you look deeply into yourself, you will get confused. And the more you dig the more you will find and the more confused you will get. What is this all about? You will not find any final answers. It is not possible for us humans to understand life and the world. We have to accept this fact.

We can, of course, invent tons of theories, mythologies and speculations. We can also convince others and ourselves that we know; we can fool ourselves, but eventually, if we look deep enough, we have to accept that we don’t understand much. We have to accept that we are lost. We have to live in this world, on this level of understanding things. You are sitting on chair, it consist of something, it is not just empty space, and this is a computer screen you are staring at. We have to bring home the bacon, one way or another, and do the best we can with the cards that have been dealt to us. However, we don’t have to fight furiously to defend our crazy beliefs, we don't have to beat ourselves up, or others, if we don’t want to. We don’t have to mess up the world around us with wars, violence, neurotic hatred and extreme selfishness. All this is due to misunderstandings and delusions. We think that we know what life is about, but we don’t. It is all very sad.

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