Thursday, March 12, 2009


A human being can be deeply convinced that the world was created six thousand years ago or that Barac Obama is the Devil in disguise, or that whiskey cures common colds. Human beings can be deeply convinced and completely wrong. We can totally misunderstand things. Depressed people is another example. They often believe that they are totally useless, stupid, ugly, afraid of everything or in some other way not as good as others. If they suddenly realize one day that they have got it all wrong, that realization is an awakening. The depressed person then might say to himself: "Bloody hell! I’m OK. What an idiot I have been. I am what I am. We’re all in the same boat. Jesus Christ! I've been so fuckin blind."

We can fantasize, which other animals can't. Other animals can’t sing, and they can´t tell bedtime stories to their children. It is absolutely necessary with stories. In places where they don’t have TV people tell fantastic stories. They often have special story tellers. Made up stories are absolutely necessary to us. The only problem with stories is if we believe in them. Small children begin to cry if a story is too sad or too scary. They enter into fairy tales completely. It is same thing with us. Everything is all right as long as we understand that a story is just a story.

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