Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whom do you talk to when you are talking to yourself? Who is this person? Mostly the inner voice is directed to someone else. All of us have imagined discussions in our heads. "When I meet her again I shall tell her that..." It is like a rehearsal. But whom are you talking to when you're talking to yourself? Who is listening to your explanations? Have you figured these things out yet? Is he like a schoolteacher
or is he more like a drunkard on a park bench? Is he like a police officer? Is he like a mafia boss? Do you have to spread yourself thin to please him or is he laid back and relaxed? Is it difficult to get him out of bed in the morning? Is it almost impossible to get him out of his god damn couch in the afternoon? Some people have a good old friend, some people have a sergeant.

Are you proud like a soldier when he is decorated by his imagined general, or do you feel more like a dog? Do you wag your inner tail or do you cringe when your master looks at you?

Of course he can be a she. What if she is like a nasty, judgmental and condescending wife of a millionaire. What if she is like a mother singing to herself in the laundry. What if she is like a prostitute with a serious drug problem? Could it be. that you have got hold of the wrong end of the stick? Maybe it is the police officer who is explaining his take on things to his imagined listers. What a mess!
The inner world is truly chaotic.

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