Monday, February 9, 2009

Suppose that you were a selfish, nasty and unpleasant person. Suppose that you had caused a lot of misery to a lot of people. Maybe you had been drinking to much and neglected your children, maybe you had abused them when you were drunk. Or suppose you were a big businessman, merciless, cold as ice, and that you had exploited a lot of poor people in poor countries to make yourself richer. It would then be a matter of course that your brain produced a lot of explanations to explain away your wrongdoings. “I create jobs. If they hadn’t worked for me they would have been worse off. They should be grateful, really. Without me, they would have been starving. And I look at all the money I spend on charity. And I go to church on Sunday. I'm a good man”

It is not very probable that such people will ever wake up. It is rare that such people realize fully what they have done and what kind of people they are. But it is possible. All people have the possibility to wake up, here in this life. Your sins are forgiven and your soul is free. This is a wonderful Christian belief, isn’t it?
It is such a pity that almost all churches and Christian sects seem to be corrupt, right wing or downright crazy. They can’t help people in the awakening process. How did that happen?

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Doreen said...

The main issue is not about the other people: whether or not they wake up. It is about You or Oneself. No one else can help You to wake up. But You are not alone.

Religion is an example of something You are waking up from! Is it not? There is no purpose in using cynicism, because it fails to make sense in the realm of "waking-upness". You talk of the dogma of the church which comes from the mind, not the heart. There are no sins, only unconsciousness. "Sins" are a man-made construct to make oneself superior/inferior; righteous/ feed the ego. The ego loves the vicious circle. You will continually be tethered to the injustices of the world if you try to make sense of the ego-mind. There is no reasoning behind its obsessive functionality.

You may be able to recognize an awake person or two. But it makes no sense to worry about who will awaken and who will not. Because once You Are Awake, You See the futility in this worry.

You See the possibility for change, starting from scratch and never ending. Being here now and creating the earth as it is. A Paradise. The Paradise We left in the Beginning but, You See, there is no Beginning.