Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Words are not just words. Words are magic spells. They can turn you into a right-winger or a left-winger, they can turn you into a catholic or a protestant, they can turn you into an atheist or an New Age spiritual seeker. They can make you feel miserable and unhappy, they can make you sick or furious. They can make you kill. But they can also make you feel better.
They can give you reasons for living. They can provide excuses and explanations
they can change the world and build empires, they can make people go to war and they can make people end the war.


Doreen said...

The words cannot make you do anything when you know they are just words. If you give "words" such power then a person who is born without speech, hearing, and sight is not equal to you.

Doreen said...

Words are just tools. They can be used magically for beauty. For some they are used as weapons, but only work if the receiver "thinks" himself to be a target.

We learn how to be "hurt" by words; through viewing millions of repetitive behaviors of others since birth. (Especially, since the advent of television)

Look at it this way. Observe someone yelling at you about something that you did not, actually, do. When you see that this is not about truth then you begin to stop giving "words" (and thus, the other person) power over you. Your feelings, actually, no longer are "hurt". I think you can see this behavior of the other as unjust but not when you realize that the one delivering the "attack" is conditioned to be judgmental.