Sunday, May 4, 2008

Worries and anxieties about meaningless things are not a big problem as long as they don’t completely overwhelm you. Unpleasant, yes, but they don’t kill you. They are a part of human life and should not be medicated. It is the same thing with selfishness. To be selfish is to some extent healthy. And it is not necessary to be 100% truthful about everything. Sometimes one has to add a little, sometimes one has to keep things to oneself. Problems begin when one is lying too much or if one is too selfish. Many people are extremely selfish and thundering liars. They lie to themselves as much as they lie to others. Their whole life is nothing but lies, self deceptions and mendacities. Some people are completely crazy abut money and power and stop at nothing to get it, but they hide it behind a mask of big warm smiles, Christianity and charity. That is a problem.


Why Hitler became such an evil man is really not that interesting. Did he have a terrible childhood, did he suffer from syphilis, was he maybe possessed by an evil spirit, was he a victim of circumstances and his time in history? These are uninteresting questions. What is interesting is why so many people came to love him so madly. Professors, priests, office clerks, farmers, workers, everybody was shouting hysterically at the mass rallies. Many women who met him personally has testified that they where trembling with excitement when he looked at them. “Oh, Hitler! I love you so.”
It is hard for us today, when we look at old newsreels, to understand what people saw in him. To us he looks like nothing but a yelling and shouting little crackpot.


What difference does it make if the world was created 6000 years ago or 15 billion years ago? Is that something to argue about? Maybe it was created 300 billion years ago. So what? How we live our life here and now is, as I see it, so much more important.

The Great Scandal: Christianity's Role in the Rise of the Nazis
by Gregory S. Paul

The following is from Free Inquiry magazine, Volume 23, Number 4.

“You know what happens when atheists take over—remember Nazi Germany?” Many Christians point to Nazism, alongside Stalinism, to illustrate the perils of atheism in power.1 At the other extreme, some authors paint the Vatican as Hitler’s eager ally. Meanwhile, the Nazis are generally portrayed as using terror to bend a modern civilization to their agenda; yet we recognize that Hitler was initially popular. Amid these contradictions, where is the truth?

A growing body of scholarly research, some based on careful analysis of Nazi records, is clarifying this complex history.2 It reveals a convoluted pattern of religious and moral failure in which atheism and the nonreligious played little role, except as victims of the Nazis and their allies. In contrast, Christianity had the capacity to stop Nazism before it came to power, and to reduce or moderate its practices afterwards, but repeatedly failed to do so because the principal churches were complicit with—indeed, in the pay of—the Nazis.

Most German Christians supported the Reich; many continued to do so in the face of mounting evidence that the dictatorship was depraved and murderously cruel. Elsewhere in Europe the story was often the same. Only with Christianity’s forbearance and frequent cooperation could fascistic movements gain majority support in Christian nations. European fascism was the fruit of a Christian culture. Millions of Christians actively supported these notorious regimes. Thousands participated in their atrocities.

What, in God’s name, were they thinking?


Doreen said...

The questions become: When is someone lying too much or being too selfish? And who will be the judge of that?

Isn't it better to be able to live without lies and selfishness and judgements?

Natural living arises out of being Present. Lies, selfishness, and judgements are then obsolete.

When we give up superficial living all superficial aspects disappear.

Doreen said...

It would be refreshing if total honesty were the norm. In other words, the way it could work is that you have an opinion or thought about something and no one gets "offended." Actually, that will be the result when all judgements cease. Freedom from offensive ideas and defensive ideas will be the way it is.

The New Earth will be about the end of hatred; big hatred and little hatred, big lie and little lie, big selfishness and petty selfishness. The New Earth isn't about the 2nd coming of Jesus/Christ; the New Earth will Be when the Love comes out(to play). Which means no more ego, the ego has to go. You can still have your left brain but it's processes will be integrated with the right. Isn't that cool? We are becoming a new species!