Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sometimes on my way home after work I stop at the pub to have a beer and a chat with some of my old friends. It is seldom very uplifting. They have as always been drinking and smoking pot all day so the communication is mostly of the one way kind, which means that I don’t say much. Well, I listen to their disconnected ramblings for a while, and then I go home.

Is this what it fees like, I think to myself, for an awakened man to talk with ordinary sleepwalkers?

Some are alcoholics or drug addicts. Some are completely hypnotized by some weird religion or ideology, like neo liberalism, neo Nazism, RaĆ«lism or Islamism. Some are racists, some are neurotics, or stressed out, or just out of it. Some suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, some are schizophrenics and some are health and fitness fanatics. The list could be made very long I guess. But how many of the earths population aren’t caught up in anything? How many people simply live their life without any particular ideas about it, without any activism for any particular cause, with no special goal, no agenda, no nothing? I think a lot of people do so. And I think that the only hope for the human species is that more people would get off whatever train they are on at the next station.

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Doreen said...

My heart is opening wider, daily. Moment by moment.
The purpose of the heart is to give love.