Saturday, March 29, 2008

Many people go to Thailand for a two week holiday trip, also many families. It is a wonderful country. The Thai people are nice and friendly, the climate is pleasant and the beeches are excellent.
But the family tourists are rarely aware of the Thai prostitution industry. They don’t know that children are sold to western weirdo’s and they don't know about the extent of that business. Their level of awareness is often very low. They don’t see anything; they don’t hear anything, so they don’t have anything to say about it. They are happy. They are charging their batteries.

Most people are not aware of the fact that the chocolate they enjoy so much is produced by slaves in West Africa. Kids are kidnapped and forced to work in the cocoa plantations. Slavery never came to an end. I read recently that about 27 million people are kept as slaves in the world today.

Many people are not aware of that the clothes they wear and the toys their kids play with are made by children that work under horrible conditions in Asian sweat shops.Also adults are forced to work under horrible slavery like conditions.

Well, we're happy to get good bargains and in order to stay happy we have to make ourselves unaware. We have to numb ourselves. Alcohol, drugs, endless TV nights, anything goes; exercise, dieting, hobbies. Why not try gardening? And if nothing else works we have to construct rationalizations. "It is good for them to find employment, isn't it? Otherwise they would starve. They should be thankful to us."

Why do I bring this up? Doesn’t all the horrors belong to the old world? Why not simply leave the old world behind and wake up to a new world? Yes, why not! It is a brand new day today.

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Doreen said...

Waking up to a New World does not leave the Old One behind. It is the only effective thing one can be (awakened) to bring end to the suffering of millions. Otherwise we fuel the suffering in every step we take.

Yes, it may not happen "overnight" but it "will" happen in the Now.
All choices begin to change with a gradual awakening. Awareness is present.