Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Historians know of about 22 000 different kinds of Christian faiths. Isn’t it amazing? 22 000 different interpretations of the same book! But how many different kinds of Hinduism and how many different kinds of Buddhism is it possible to find. And how many different psychological and philosophical schools do we have? And how many different political viewpoints? Where do we get it all from? Where is the source? Is it possible to find anything that we all can agree about?

Have you noticed that whatever book you read the author seem to know it all. He or she has found it. How can it be that so many people out there have found all the answers? And how do you explain that so many of them arrive at completely different conclusions and point in different directions?

2+2=3 2+2=9 2+2=63 2+2=15 2+2=78 2+2=12 2+2=3 2+2=22

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Doreen said...

Well, 2+2=22 is 22!