Thursday, February 14, 2008

Think of a cruise ship that is cruising the Atlantic. You are invited for a wonderful holiday trip together with some other 2600 people. But it is not a very pleasant trip. Everyone seems to be completely crazy. Everyone is fighting like hell to get a greater share of everything. A few people has managed to get hold of almost everything. Many people are hungry and have to beg for crumbs. Violent fights are constantly flaring up, sometimes on C-deck, sometimes on A-deck. Different groups are formed around a few psychopathic gang leaders. You are told that it has always been like this. If you question the way things are too much you will step on someone's toes and get a very hard time. If you don’t like it you are free to jump overboard right away.

Well, all people are not crazy. Some try to do the best they can with the situation. They try to find ways to cope. They try to love what is, simply because there is nothing else. They try religion, prayers, yoga, meditation, psychotherapy or simply to be human. It works as long as they happen to be on a part of the ship where the fighting is not too bad.

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Doreen said...

One has to give up the 'I am right' and 'you are wrong' beliefs. Of course, someone can be "wrong" about a factual situation but the endless debates around beliefs has to stop. And beliefs are everywhere! Especially the way we constantly judge others(as well as ourselves)...completely based on beliefs! Everyone tries to tell you what your life is like, what you should feel, how you should behave, what you should wear, who you should love, what will be fun for you, how much money you should make (that you must "earn" money because your value as a human being is based on how much money you earn; otherwise you are a failure as a human being....many jobs are not valued: garbage collector, teacher, care giver, artist...)... What an utter misery we create for each person that has to live their life with false beliefs about themselves. Or any belief about themselves!

We "kill" ourselves/each other everyday with our thoughts of "I am better than that person." Like: "thank goodness I don't have kids like hers!" "There is something wrong with that family." "He is an alcoholic." "She has let herself go." "I could do a better job raising those kids." "He thinks he is cool!" "At least, I have more money than he does."

The fact is: the only way for 'the way things are' to change is to accept that this is 'the way it is', and therefore drop the ego or rather, the ego 'drops out.' We can't fix all the problems of 'the way it is' by using our ego-based thinking. It doesn't work. Look at us now? Solutions, solutions, solutions. The ego-created structures will have to(/are breaking) completely break down. One day, the world will look entirely different. Could happen quickly, could take awhile but when it changes it will always be Now. Life cannot change in the future because it's here now. You may not be able to see it, that is the difference. When you see the change in yourself you will see the change in the world.

"Imagine" people/animals/plants in absolute equality with a myriad of differences co-creating in harmony and love. It is possible. We are seeing signs of it now. The only way to bring the rest around to it is with unconditional love. What Byron Katie calls "loving what is." This is the Christ on the cross. This is the Buddha. This is Eckhart Tolle. This is Gangagi. This is the Magdalene of awareness=love.

Realize that there is nothing to "attain" because you "are" it, already, now.