Wednesday, November 23, 2016


27% of the material world is made up of dark matter. The existence of dark matter is accepted by most astronomers today but they have no idea of what this strange stuff actually is. That's why they use the word dark. They could have said mysterious matter, weird matter or unknown matter, but they prefer the word dark. They understand that it must be there when they observe the expansion of the universe but they don't understand what it is.

Ordinary matter and ordinary energy, the stuff that physicists can detect with their powerful high tech instruments, constitute less than 5% of the universe.


The being that you believe is you and your consciousness, is only the tip of an iceberg. The main part of you is hidden. Freud called that part the unconscious.

You do not know who you are. You do not know what life is all about, really. The main part of you is a mystery. The main part of the world is a mystery.

The world we live in, the world we can see and touch, hear and smell, is just a tiny fraction of it all.

When you think that you understand what life is all about and when you think that you are realistic, then you are deluded.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


In the latest US presidential election the americans could choose between a neoliberal candidate and a neofascist. 46% of the americans who were entitled to vote didn't bother about it.

Next year it's presidential election in France and the people of France will also get a chance to choose between neoliberalism and neofascism. It's no longer unlikely that Marine Le Pen will become France's next president.

Both social democratic and liberal parties here in Europe have a neoliberal political agenda and the neofascist parties are getting stronger and stronger. The left wing is very small and powerless.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dark thoughts

The end days are imminent. We are now waiting for the closing scene of this long running, idiotic and gory splatter movie. There is no hope for humankind. All political ideologies and all religions have been disastrous.

Endless wars, exploitation of people and nature, greed, rapacity, bigotry, pollution, superstition - endless bullshit.

Do you still believe that we can change our ways? Do you still believe that we will somehow wake up from our trance states. I don't.

Humanity will die out just like millions and millions of other species in the evolution.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


I have now come to the conclusion that life has no ultimate meaning, if you don't invent a meaning for yourself, or adopt someone else's meaning of life.

Life is purposeless. We will all die, sooner or later; we will not end up in heaven or hell and we will not reincarnate. There is no afterlife, I believe. This is it.

I don't mind if you believe that Jesus will save you, or Allah or Krishna, I don't mind if you believe in spirits or angels. I don't mind if you're into quantum physics or how to make more money. I don't care if you're interested in yoga, group sex or golf.

I don't mind if you try to distract yourself with alcohol and drugs, or spend as much time as you can by watching stupid stuff on TV or on the internet. This has also been my way of trying to cope.

I don't mind if you invent a meaning of life. I can understand your reasons for this. But to me has life no particular meaning or purpose.

I'm not depressed. On the contrary. I'm sometimes quite happy. But I just can't see any particular meaning behind the events.

Life here on this planet is filled to the brim with suffering, war, exploitation and idiocy. Nevertheless, sometimes many of us can have some fun.

Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The killer ape theory

-People have been fighting barbaric and cruel wars since the beginning of history. Is this fact not evidence enough that we are bellicose by nature? Don't critizise people who go to war, to kill, rape and destroy. They simply do what they are created to do. We follow orders, also from completely mad men, because it's written in our genetic code to follow orders from strong leaders.

-Even if belicosity is in our DNA, shouldn't we try to overcome this flaw, just like when we try to find cures to inborn diseases, or give eyeglasses to our children if they are nearsighted? 

Moreover, archaeologists and anthropologists are not in agreement on the claim that humans always have been at war with each other. Many of them can show evidence that warfare began when we became farmers and permanent residents. They claim that states and warfare did not exist 20 000 years ago. Our actions and our way of being is much more influenced by culture than by nature.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Scientific woo-woo

Materialism, the doctrine that nothing exists except matter and its movements, is nowadays an outdated worldview. If we don't really know what matter is, then materialism makes no sense. Matter consists of vibrating, mysterious something. Matter is mysterious stuff that has been made tangible.

The word materialism can also mean to consider material possessions as more important than spiritual values. However, what is a spiritual value?

Originally the term spirit meant an "animating or vital principle in man and animals". (What the spirit factually is can be seen when you look at a corpse; the difference between a living wacky person and the same person when he is dead.) The Latin word spiritus is related to spirare, to breathe.

In a Biblical context the term means to be driven by the Holy Spirit.

(I have always felt that I've been driven by many different kinds of spirits, stupid spirits, crazy spirits, lazy spirits, evil spirits.)

Nowadays have spirituality and religion been separated. Spirituality has become more focused on the search for the true self, the soul, without following the rules and regulations laid out by churches or religious institutions. Religious people follow prescribed teachings. Spiritual people invent their own religions and belief systems.

What is the true self? If it's not your body and not your mind (Spirit?) with its ego, beliefs, stories, opinions, values, memories, plans, misunderstandings, follies and ideas, what is it? Which part of you is reincarnating? (or going to heaven?)

When someone has a near-death experience and observes himself or herself on an operating table, who is this someone? Is this the true self, the soul, or is this an illusion?

Nobody knows nothing about these things, though they may be deeply convinced that they do. All people are speculating their heads off. We are all out there, I believe. We are all space cowboys.

But I am not an agnostic. A label is just a label, a word, and I have nowadays stopped labeling myself.

All explanations, materialistic, scientific, spiritual, religious and ideological, are woo-woo to me. If the scientists only would speak about what they had evidence for I would be on their side, but they don't. They talk about multiple universes, the probability that there are life on other planets, that no part of you lives on after death, that life is essentially meaningless, that synchronistic phenomenons are delusions...

What is matter, really? What does it consist of? What is energy? What is dark matter? What is conciousness? What is a dream? Are there more universes than this? What is light? What is an electrone? Etcetera, etcetera.

Nobody knows.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Thought habits

Events get caught in the brain in the form of memories. Connections are formed between neurons. When a memory has been stored in long-term memory it is very difficult to get rid of. You can forget about what happened but the memory is still there somewhere and can resurface whenever, maybe even decades later.

In the same way, beliefs, ideas and quirks get wired into the brain fabric. Once you have become convinced of something, it is very difficult to change that conviction.

Somehow you may have got the idea that you are stupid, or that nothing really matters in life except money. Maybe you still believe in evil spirits.

All habits are difficult to change: thought habits, smoking habits, eating habits...   It is also difficult to change hard wired political opinions and religious ideas. However, it is possible.

Heavy smokers can give up smoking and alcoholics can give up drinking.

It is possible to leave a religious sect or abandon a political ideology.

It is possible to disentangle oneself from thought patterns.